Mega Snack Distribution, a Rapid Snack Inc division, was set up in September 2009.

Strong from the vigorous and extended growth of Rapid Snack Inc, Mr Joyal and Mr Levesque, presidents of Rapid Snack Inc, set up Mega Snack Distribution, a division dedicated to the distribution of snacks.

Various employees, coming from all fields of expertise and with complementary competences, joined the booming distribution division.

Ideas and efforts of the team quickly showed signs of a promising future which led Mega Snack Distribution to be recognized country-wide for the quality of their products, their expertise and their professionalism as a key player for it's role as distributor-wholesaler of snacks « on the go ».

Customers always come first

That really defines the way Mega Snack Distribution does business! It is with this approach that the team answers all demands. If the request is feasible, we will make it happen! No matter if you are from, Vancouver, Toronto or Halifax, call us and you will be delivered.

DanielDaniel Levesque

SoniaSonia Chouinard